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We are dedicated to sharing ideas and solutions for creating extraordinary building experiences that invigorate and captivate users. Satisfied tenants are happier, more productive and enjoy their spaces! We recently launched and love to share your showcase examples! Please use SUBMIT tab or email to expressivebuilding@gmail.com. 

Tony Casalena, principle founder, started Expressive Building after visiting thousands of buildings throughout his career in commercial real estate and high tech. He realized all buildings and spaces have an effect us, some very good and many not so good. How the occupant feels from the building experience is directly relevant to tenant satisfaction. Property owners, operators, technologists, solution providers, architects and creatives are limited only by their imagination to enchant occupant satisfaction. Casalena also serves as Managing Director for Sperry Van Ness|RealSite Commercial Group. With over 15 year experience in commercial real estate and technology companies including Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard and several VC backed startups. Casalena advises and writes about innovation in real estate, optimal workspace design and building efficiency. 

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