Human-centered Buildings

Applying human-centered thinking can be used to better serve occupants while keeping people at the center for creating a positive building experience. Smart design, technology and efficient operations are few examples from many to enhance the human experience in buildings. Consider the entire environment of the human experience from exterior surroundings to the interior spaces. 

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What Do Buildings and Music Have in Common?

What do buildings and music have in common? Both can have a meaningful connection to your feelings and emotions. Ever listen to a song that immediately evokes a particular mood? Ever walk into a building or space that may have a similar effect? Adding music to a buildings' ambiance is a great way to enhance the vibe and, make a human connection with the occupant. Hearing music in common areas can create a pleasant and memorable building experience. Use music to give people a sense of place and building personality. Music selection, genre and volume should compliment the desired atmosphere one is aiming for, to draw in the occupant, not push them away. Too loud, wrong genre or lousy sound quality will have the opposite effect.

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Every Building Tells a Story

Every building has its own style and personality. Think of some of the first things that hit you when you see or visit a building. Is it the architecture, age, lighting, aesthetics, materials, safety or surroundings? Does it arouse your senses in a positive and negative way?  A building's personality, character and design can often reflect the type of tenant’s it attracts.

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Buildings Have a Voice

Great excerpt from the awesome 3D Film "If Buildings Could Talk" from Wim Wenders! 

If Buildings Could Talk...

... some of them would sound like Shakespeare.
Others would speak like the Financial Times,
yet others would praise God, or Allah.
Some would just whisper,
some would loudly sing their own praises,
while others would modestly mumble a few words
and really have nothing to say.
Some are plain dead and don’t speak anymore...

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Freshen Up Tired Building

Is your goal is to improve marketability, tenant retention and occupancy rate? This may be the signal to bring more attention to creating a fresh new building vibe. The term “building vibe” describes the atmosphere of the building as communicated to and felt by occupants, visitors and building staff. Whereas, “building experience” is the occupant’s impressions and feedback of the overall workplace environment. 

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