What Do Buildings and Music Have in Common?

What do buildings and music have in common? Both can have a meaningful connection to your feelings and emotions. Ever listen to a song that immediately evokes a particular mood? Ever walk into a building or space that may have a similar effect? Adding music to a buildings' ambiance is a great way to enhance the vibe and, make a human connection with the occupant. Hearing music in common areas can create a pleasant and memorable building experience. Use music to give people a sense of place and building personality. Music selection, genre and volume should compliment the desired atmosphere one is aiming for, to draw in the occupant, not push them away. Too loud, wrong genre or lousy sound quality will have the opposite effect.

According to new research conducted by Leger on behalf of SOCAN – the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, business owners recognize music helps create an inviting atmosphere for their customers, and most feel it’s a vital part of their customers’ experience. Sixty-eight percent of business owners say that creating an atmosphere is the top reason they play music. 

Yes, it’s more common to hear music in retail, restaurants or theatres. Why is piping in music less common in office settings, building lobbies or apartments? Perhaps, owners need to pay more attention to why music matters for improving the occupant experience in commercial settings. There’s a huge selection of solutions for adding music to include streaming reliable digital delivery. The music is commercial free and easily catered to best fit the desired acoustic atmosphere. Digital media devices offer controls allowing for automatic change in music by time, date, or special event.  

Music in buildings can effectively be used to make human connection in a commercial setting. If implemented tastefully, it will have a positive effect on occupant well-being and satisfaction.