Freshen Up Tired Building

Is your goal is to improve marketability, tenant retention and occupancy rate? This may be the signal to bring more attention to creating a fresh new building vibe. The term “building vibe” describes the atmosphere of the building as communicated to and felt by occupants, visitors and building staff. Whereas, “building experience” is the occupant’s impressions and feedback of the overall workplace environment. This may include outside entrances, common areas, lobby space, amenities and tenant space. Areas of improvement may not necessarily require significant capital but simply involve operational changes, renewed amenities or re-purposing vacant space. A "building assessment" can be used to identify opportunities to provide a positive building experience for creating a better workplace environment. Most important, leading to more satisfied occupants! Three starting areas to focus include: facilities, people communications and market presence. Survey the tenants to get impressions, feedback and suggestions on their experiences regarding each of the categories. Categorize and summarize likes and dislikes. This will facilitate where to prioritize improvements with a goal for satisfied occupants.