• How does pricing work?

    Our price plans are based on the number of buildings and combined square footage. The subscription is charged on an annual fee. Pay with credit card and you’re ready to get started!

  • How many buildings and users can we have?

    We have three different packages available based on numbers of buildings and building size. However, if you have more than 5 buildings, or more than a total of 500,000 square feet, we can tailor pricing based on your needs. Regarding users, you are not restricted to a number of users for any given building location. During initial sign up, subscriber will receive an on-boarding instructions describing simple steps for first time setup.

  • What features are included in the subscription?

    Survey your tenants with our pre-defined building ratings categories, or create your own custom categories. You can also read tenant comments and respond in the community, make announcements, post emergency broadcasts, and upload documents for your tenants to access in the Resource Center. Comments or ratings are private to each building, not the general public.

  • What are ratings categories?

    Our ratings categories consist of different types of criteria associated with building features or metrics you may be interested in getting your tenants’ opinions and feedback on. Some examples of ratings categories may include amenities, eco-friendly, parking, building staff, etc. You can even add your own custom categories. When your tenants log into BUILDINGVIBE, they will see the categories you have selected and have the option to rate each one or leave a comment.

    How are building category scores calculated?

    Scores are calculated based on the average ratings for any given category within the time period selected.

  • Does your software require servers and IT assistance?

    We host and manage the BUILDINGVIBE application. All you have to do from is login to our cloud-based system from anywhere. We work hard on our end to ensure service reliability, actively monitoring system performance, and addressing any problems before they impact you. No IT required.

  • How much training is needed to use the software?

    We’ve designed our interface to be very intuitive and user-friendly with no training needed. If you need any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist!

  • How do I get started and setup?

    After purchasing your BUILDINGVIBE package, you can set up your account to add your building locations, building staff, tenants, and rating categories to the BUILDINGVIBE community. Launch within hours depending on number of tenants and content to start with.

  • How easy is it for tenants to use?

    We’ve made the service very straightforward and easy to navigate. The tabs include “Home Dashboard” which has all of the links tenants will need, Building Management,” where the tenant can view announcements, contact building staff, and access helpful links, “Community,” where they can connect with fellow tenant neighbors, “Ratings,” where your tenants can evaluate the building ratings categories you have selected, and “My Profile” tab, where the tenant can control how much of their personal info they want to be viewed by others in BUILDINGVIBE.

  • How do I customize ratings categories?
    You may choose to turn ratings on and off anytime. From here you can put a checkmark next to up to 5 ratings categories to select them. If you would like to create your own category, enter your own if not found in the existing categories. When you are finished creating your categories, hit the save button. Your tenants can now enter their ratings!