What Makes a Better Tenant Experience

Buildings are more than brick and mortar. They provide meaningful experiences for where we live, work, and play. There is no reward greater than the contribution of true value to your tenants. Positive experiences increase occupancy and reduce turnover. 

Creating a better tenant experience is a fluid, ongoing process. It requires listening to feedback and responding to tenants' needs.


Here are four ways to deliver a better tenant experience:

1. Create a healthy building    

People spend over 90% of their time inside the artificial environments of buildings. Research shows proper ventilation, indoor air quality, and natural light improve well-being. These building qualities also boosts productivity and raise cognitive function.

Efficient buildings remain comfortable during the peak high and low seasonal temperatures. Nothing is worse than walking inside a building on a hot day and feeling even more uncomfortable.

A recent trend in green building and landscape architecture is incorporating nature into buildings. We see this in green roofs, green walls, and prioritizing views of nature. This leads to increased concentration and feeling of calm.

2. Focus on communication and engagement

Good communication with tenants is the key to long-lasting relationships. An engaged tenant will offer valuable feedback about a building’s features. This will allow owners to allocate resources effectively rather than assuming or guessing. Keeping up with tenant expectations and desires results in greater satisfaction and retention.

3. Establish a thriving community

A vibrant building community is one that connects all of its tenants. It offers tenants an opportunity to socialize with people they might not otherwise meet.

Plan tenant events to foster community around the building. Tenants should know and look out for each other. Responding to maintenance requests, tenant suggestions, and feedback creates goodwill. This will create a strong inner-community from within that residents will cherish.

4. Strive for “occupant-centric”  

An occupant-centric building is one that places the user at the center of focus. Occupant-centric building operators better understand their tenant mix. They provide a more personalized approach to meet their tenants' specific needs. Occupant-centric buildings are valued more highly than comparable buildings. They offer superior services and amenities catered to the occupants. This equates to higher rents and greater tenant satisfaction.

The look, feel, atmosphere, and “vibe” a building projects all play into the type of tenants it will attract. In many ancient cultures, people believed everything, even inanimate objects had an indwelling spirit of aliveness. Perhaps they were closer to the truth than most of us realize. Many of our clients seem to subconsciously apply this lesson to their buildings. This creates a profoundly positive experience for their tenants.

Tony CasalenaComment